Wednesday, February 10, 2010

State of Emergency

This not about the snowstorm, Snowmageddon part deaux or the White Death From the Sky.  Okay it is, but not directly.

We are stranded in our house for at least a day or two.  In most circumstances I wouldn't mind so much.  It is not bad to be stuck at home. 


Carly informed me today that we are down to our last three rolls of toilet paper!

This really is an emergency.  Toilet paper has a way of disappearing around here.  Tobias will unroll the entire thing just to pile it up on the floor.  Kathryn hasn't learned that a little can go a long way.   I also think we have toilet paper gnomes.

I decided to photograph them.  At the very least we will always have the pictures.

I wanted to throw some cold feeling in there and gelled the background blue.  The key was my beauty dish camera left.  I didn't fill the right, I figured the light bouncing off the wall would do that.  It did.  I was pretty happy with the picture below.  But, I felt it was missing something.  I added a third light to the setup on the right.  I gelled it to warm it up, and gridded it for a bit of control.  I dropped the beauty dish down a stop or so to act as fill.  I liked the resulting image a bit better, the warm/cool contrast is interesting.  You can see that at the top.  Any preference?  Yes, I know its a picture of toilet paper, I didn't ask for a critique of my subject matter!


Tomorrow I get to figure out how I'm getting dug out of here.  Fun times.  But I will have motivation, we need toilet paper.

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