Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snowmageddon part deux


It snowed big earlier.  It returned again.  For us it was almost as big as the first wave, 23 inches total.  This is about 2/3 of a meter, getting close to a metric annoyance.

I also learned something, I thought the crews that cleared our streets were private.  However, I was wrong, the town actually does it.  After living in a larger city, and witnessing first hand how lethargic they are about clearing stuff in the residential areas, I am beyond shocked to learn the excellent work done here is government.  I hadn't seen any marked trucks before, so that added to my confusion.

I almost decided not to make any pictures this time.  But then a thought struck me.  If I was too lazy to go make pictures, I wasn't really a photographer.  So, instead I grabbed my camera and went outside.

I actually pushed myself to learn how to make time-lapse movies.  I will post those soon.  Do not expect greatness.

Here is a bit of what I found when I went out.


The next one is my favorite of the trip.  I wish I could have wandered into the drifts to eliminate some of the junk on the sides of the frame, but that snow is about waist deep in parts.

You will notice some of this looks similar to my earlier post.  This was on purpose.

I found the situation many of the neighborhood's mailboxes were in interesting.


I will finish this post with Tobias.  What good is snow if you can't have fun in it?  If I couldn't watch my kids have fun in the snow, I would be a very very grumpy person right now.

I hope, if you got it, the snow is fun for you too. 

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