Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorites of the Year: 2012 Edition

By the Pond

I haven't made too many posts this year.   As I was looking through the pictures from the last year I realized that there are quite a few "favorites" that never got posted here.  Some weren't posted because I never intended to post them (these are mostly co-workers).  Some aren't posted because I won't post them at this time.  And there are a few not posted because, I never did it.

However, there are a few I wanted to share here.

The top is from this  from my post on dancers.  The next was a picture from the same post, sorta.  I redid it in black and white and liked it much better.

By the Hay (Black and White)

I also really like the following picture of my son.  I think he pulled the idea off really well, and it is possible he may end as a rock-star someday.

Tobias as a Rockstar Finally, even though it isn't perfect, and I'm going to remake it at some point I like this first crack I made at a panorama style picture.

Office Rooftop

To really see that one, you should look at it on flickr, I think this blogger template cuts off the right hand side.

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