Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Video Learning

Kathryn was a wee-bit jealous because of the last video, so we made another one today while Carly was at the grocery store.  First, no, it isn't anyone's birthday.  Second, Kathryn was asked later not to say "shut up".

So, in order to build on what I learned last time I changed a few things.  First I used our little Flip HD camera.  That took care of file format issues and video format issues.  I also turned off the fish tank.  Because I was a lot a faster this go around I had time to throw on a background track and learn to work with that too.  I also found the "effects" menu and was pretty excited to see an adjustable black and white mode.  I have seen it before, but failed to find the adjustment panel.  All in all from start to finish this took about 45 minutes to record the video and background and edit together.  Again, the purpose is to learn.  Right now I'm not so happy with abruptness of the ending, but proper planning can solve that issue.

I like learning new things, but at the same time video is not my favorite thing in the world so I'm not sure how much I will mess with this stuff in the future.  Maybe a bit more.  All the new still cameras are built with pretty interesting video capabilities, and sooner or later I am going to end up with one.  It is inevitable.

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