Saturday, August 13, 2011


This is probably the most ridiculous thing I've made lately.  But, as I mentioned in the last post I'm messing around with learning new software, or learning more about "old" software.

This came about because Carly and I were looking through the Awkward Family Photos website.  We  were chatting about how we don't have a family photo.  We then came across one of those creepy double exposures where a parent's profile is large and floating above a 3/4th length portrait of a kid.  I said "aha!" and she said "oh, no"  -- and so I got to work.  

If I had shot these pictures with the intention of making this silly composite I would have lit them a little bit differently.  I would have used a stronger rimlight so I wouldn't need to create the "halos" around the kids to have them standout from the background.  But, more than likely, a picture like this will never be my intended target.

Maybe this one needs to be blown up to a 20" x 30" and hung prominently somewhere.  ( I kid! This is horrible. But funny. )

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