Monday, May 23, 2011

Sad, Sad Flowers

Almost anyone who has picked up a camera and attempted to use it to make "art" has photographed flowers.  I'm no exception.  Flowers make some pretty cool subjects for a number of reasons.  They are colorful.  We automatically associate them with beauty.  Friends and family that see a photo of a flower ooh and ahh over them, the only subject that creates more excitement is babies.  Okay, maybe kittens and puppies generate some serious oohing and ahhing too.
Because of this it is also hard to make a truly interesting flower picture.  It doesn't stop me from trying.  I find that the pictures I made of flowers that I like best make them look extremely sad.  This one made me think of Aslan from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe after the White Witch killed him.

I usually don't bother to make the "standard" flower picture anymore.  Here is example:

Kinda boring right?  Well, besides not being that well done.  My heart wasn't really in the attempt and it shows.

If I am not making sad flowers I try other ways to make a bit different.  This time around I messed around with a bit of motion.

They were fun, but ultimately my sad flower won me over... again.

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