Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Short Goodbye

Hopefully I won't be making a habit of these.  But I have another short good-bye.  The Frederick News Post has the official writeup.  But mine is more interesting.

This time I am saying good-bye to Carly's grandmother.  I knew her for about 18 years.  She is a great lady.

You know how it is the little things in life you remember?  Well, I will always Grandma Piney for the date cookies she gave me almost every Christmas.  They are probably the most amazing things ever made.  I would eat the majority of them in one sitting-- and I was pretty reluctant to share.  Then the next day I would regret eating so many.  First, it meant I didn't have that many left-- and second they had a lot fiber.

There are other things I will remember too.  The cadence of her voice when agreeing with someone.  The conversation we had when my foot was broken about what we both would be doing when we could walk properly again.  Both of us chose to ignore the fact that only I was really going to experience walking perfectly again.

She also had a way of saying exactly what she was thinking.  I think it is a right we all gain as we age.

She will be missed.

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