Friday, April 29, 2011


Tobias played a T-ball game today.  It is called T-ball, but they get a chance to hit live pitches before placing the ball on the T.  The top picture is Tobias following through after a miss.  I chose it because it shows off the team's sponsor.  I'm a good spokesperson, so if anyone out there wants to sponsor me... wait, I'm kidding!  Sorta.

In any event, the Ott House is a little pub/restaurant on the square in town.  Even if you don't live around here there is a reasonable chance some of your local firefighters visited there.  The National Fire Academy is located in town, and I see hordes of Academy students walking there in the evenings after classes.

[ See how smooth that was? ]

Here is a shot of Tobias getting coached between innings. 

He did pretty well tonight.  He had fun, hit a couple times without the Tee, made a couple plays in the field, threw a bunch of dirt in his hair, mudded up a pair of pants, and ran all the bases. 

That is a pretty good box-score.

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