Sunday, April 3, 2011


The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball.

I haven't really seen baseball since I attended a Baltimore Orioles playoff game versus the Cleveland Indians.  The Orioles managed to lose in bizarre fashion.

The Orioles essentially forced manager Davey Johnson to resign in the off-season over an incident involving Roberto Alomar.  That irritated me enough, I was "done" with baseball.

Since that time I have attended one game.  I watched the Nationals play a game as part of a work event.  That was an interesting game, too, two balks were called.

However, that will change this year.  The kids are involved in softball and T-ball.  I bought a glove to play "You know, Dad!  That game where you are catching the ball over your head!", as Tobias calls it.  Most of us know it as "catch". 

I figured, I would try and follow both the Orioles [ although I'm still irritated with them ] and the Nats.  So far the Orioles are 3-0 after sweeping Rays, and the Nats managed to win 1 game out of their first 3.

I probably won't go to a big league game, but I may drag the kids out to a minor league game.

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