Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Light

There are many reasons I like the weekend.  One of them is that I am home to see the light that comes in the bedroom window, bounces around a little "hallway", picks up the warm color of the carpet and falls softly in the middle of some dressers.  Its a neat light. Its like a huge softbox.  But, the light isn't completely soft. It shows the textures, folds, and colors of clothing.  It makes skin glow.  The weekend is generally the only time I get to see it.  This weekend it was perfect, and Carly spent part of the early afternoon running about in it getting ready to take Kathryn on a shopping trip.  As always, I stayed in the way.  I also made some pictures.

Carly ixnayed my favorite picture from being posted, and no, it is not NSFW or anything of that sort.

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