Monday, February 21, 2011

Small Model

It isn't often I will photograph something like this.  But, I was thinking about it for a number of reasons.  Someone asked me about photographing smallish objects on white.

I also spent some time this weekend looking for a particular kind of model.

I wanted to find a cowgirl model that was at least 54mm.  I was looking for a female version of the "man with no name", a couple of six-guns, hat, a long flowing duster, cotton button-up top, jeans, boots. I couldn't find what I wanted.  It seems most of the sculpts that are produced of cowgirls leave out important details, like most of her clothing (Seriously? Who is going to wear chaps without pants?).  Fortunately, it wasn't a completely fruitless endeavor, I did find other figures that are interesting to me like this crusader.

I ended up getting out some of my finished models, remembered the question about photographing on white and thought I would give it a go.  I think for this kind of figure using a grey background might be better.  The particular lens I was using also doesn't deal with the light off the background well.  It washed out the figure quite a bit under proper exposure.  I could bring it back in post by upping the contrast, but in a picture that should be all about showing off subtle color blends it largely fails.  I'll try again on a neutral grey background in the future and see if I can use a better lens.

For those curious about the model:  It is part of a gaming line called Warmachine by Privateer Press.  It is in the "scale" of 28mm.  This particular figure stands about 15mm tall I guess.  It probably took me about 15 hours to paint.

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