Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hollow Victory


They like to sneak into our houses.  We notice, we catch them.  This year we opted to be a little more pro-active in our approach.  We set bait on the outside of our house, and we set up about 50 glue boards and traps.  It maybe overkill, but quite frankly I'm tired of the little buggers.  We have caught one so far.

It is funny in a way.  I like mice has heroes, but I am beginning to really hate them in reality.  I really like the Mouse Guard graphic novel.  And I am more than a little annoyed I didn't buy this game when I had a chance.  I thought I would ask for it as a Christmas present, but no, stupid thing went collectible in the last six months.  But, its not like anyone would play it with me anyway.

Picture after the jump.  I did it out of order this time because some of you may not want to see a dead mouse.  If you are following a link, or on an RSS reader this courtesy can't be extended to you.  I'm sorry.

I tried a few different lighting setups and a few different points of view.  But, this seemed to be best of both.  Its a single light, and shot from above.  I also used a "cleaner" background of black foam board, but preferred the out of sorts wrinkling from the sheet.

I didn't do it on purpose, but after the fact I realized the way the light is set up the picture fades to black from left to right.  It is somewhat fitting.

And, yes, I have done this sort of picture before.  Perhaps one is a little weird, two maybe more so.  But when I get to 4 or 5 it will become a series-- which isn't quite as odd.

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