Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've said this before, I'm not much of a nature/landscape/outdoorsy photo-person.  However Fall is my favorite season for a variety of reasons.  We are coming up on my favorite holiday of the year, and today was a gloriously dreary, slightly rainy, overcast day.  These are my favorite days to get a camera out.  I had to try.
Then I spent some time making rather crappy boring-looking pictures like these:

I felt a little disappointed, but wasn't expecting to do much better.  And that was the problem.  I decided I was going make something I liked better, and started thinking again.

I then got an idea.  Maybe if I tried to be a bit more abstract, maybe I would get something.  The leaves reminded me of a forest fire, so that is what I tried to make them. Maybe you disagree, maybe you like the ones I don't-- or maybe you don't like any of them, but finding the fire made me happy today.

I learned my lens does terrible at its closest focusing distance and 200mm.  Terrible? I mean remarkably horrible.  I'm not sure if it is the camera and lens combining to miss focus, or if is more focusing close at maximum focal length teams up to cause the problem.  I might look into it a little bit, but I almost never use it like that-- so I'm not too concerned about it.

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