Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Doggy Pictures? On the Interwebs? Inconceivable!

It has been a little over 3 months since Carly brought this puppy home.  In that short time period she has done her business on our floor, ate a jacket, ate flip flops, chewed through speaker wire, chewed the power cord to a stereo component, knawed up a few of the kids' toys, and devoured about 40 pounds or so of puppy chow.  About the only thing she hasn't done yet is sneak up on the counter and scarf down a roast or stolen butter off the table*. 

It is about what I expected out of dog.  A bit of mischief, but that is what dogs do.  They are very good at it. 

"What is it girl!!??  Mommy closed herself in that room and won't come out!?"  Okay, so its not as dramatic as Lassie.  At least it isn't to you or I, but I'm sure Jazzy found it very important.

Carly was trying to take a nap, and Jazzy waited outside her door.  Everytime I started to go up the steps to get her she started barking at me.  She was trying to convince me to open up the closed door.  I figured it was a reasonable time to make a few snapshots.

*She isn't as big as the Dalmatians we had growing up or I'm sure she would have done similar things by now.

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