Saturday, October 16, 2010

Senior Moment with Matthew


I had the chance to get together with Carly's cousin and make a few senior year portraits for him.  As we were driving over to this location I was informed Matthew doesn't smile in pictures.  That was fine with me, I don't want fake picture smiles anyway.  However, I do like to create a variety of real expressions, and smiling can be part of everyday life right?  This was taken right after I asked him to keep in eye on the little girl returning library books.  What if she was planning to attack me?  I know Mom probably doesn't like the windblown hair (I do though), and I am a little uncomfortable with chopping off his toe in the right corner (sorry Matt!), but this one is my favorite from day.

One of the things we wanted to incorporate was this motorcycle. When I first started thinking about it I didn't know how I wanted to show it.  I briefly thought about re-using this idea we did for Kathryn.  But, even before seeing the bike I realized that probably wouldn't work.  I thought it would be cool shoot it on seamless, and so, I set up a "studio" in my garage.  I'm glad I prepared the studio idea, there is no way we could have fit that motorcycle on the rocks.

This was a fun day.  We got to hang out with family.  Matthew did do a good job, and we had some fun.  Guys are "suppose" to be more difficult to photograph than gals, but really its just different.   I also had the technical challenge of setting up a studio style shot-- which is something I haven't done for a bit.

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