Monday, October 11, 2010

Senior Moment with Ashton

Carly's favorite

Here are some pictures I made in a recent senior portrait session.  Ashton was fun to be around, and she brought great outlook and a happy smile with her through the day.  Its rare that anyone loves having their picture taken, and Ashton was no exception, but it didn't really matter after a few minutes.  She did awesome in front of the camera. All I really had to do was find some light to show-off her eyes*, the rest was easy. She even humored me by laughing at my elephant jokes.

My favorite [ My favorite's are ALWAYS different from Carly's ]

Ashton, if you read this, thank you for your time and effort.  It is appreciated.

This cool swing was brought along

Somewhere along the line this kind of high school senior portrait became my favorite category of photographs.  Its interesting, I didn't even know these were being created until a few years ago.

I think the reason I find them so cool is because they are portraits of individuals who are right at the beginning of their live's journey.  Its the time of our life when we begin to see ourselves for us, and not necessarily just part of our peer group.  Its also a time where we make a lot of the decisions that impact our lives long term.  No pressure right?

I, personally, like making these portraits because no matter if the individual is just there to appease Mom, or if the person is really excited about it-- I always make a few good pictures.  They are pictures I hope they look back when they are my age, and remember the fun times they had "way back when."

*Free tip... figuring out how you want to show a person's eyes is a reasonably good way to start to a portrait.

[Editor's Note: The photos for this post are sitting over on Flickr instead of Picassa.  I thought I would try that way of posting out.]

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