Monday, June 21, 2010


I really like abstract/graphic element photos.  However, I haven't really been making them (with the few rare exceptions) unless I am using a "toy" camera.  I thought about this at Easter when I noticed the the picture above.  I had a real camera in one hand and habitually grabbed for my cell phone.  I realized what I was doing, left the phone alone, and put the viewfinder to my eye.

I found this during the farm trip.

I like presenting them together.  It reminds me a bit of Go-- White, Black, Circles, and Squares.  I haven't been playing that as much recently as I might like.  But, I'm occupied with things that I hope are more important!

Finally, in case it isn't obvious I find an abstract photo can be made with anything that finds its way in front of my lens.

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