Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy Weekend

This was a busy weekend, pictorially speaking anyway.

First up was Ezra's birthday gathering. I am unsure why, but I can't make a decent picture of these types of events. There was only one other camera out besides mine, so I felt I little pressure. For the most part it was an epic fail on my part, but I managed to get one shot that summed up party -- cake.

My wife knows that if she wants happy-family-fun-ball-holiday-snaps she needs to take them. I'm awful at it. I try, and I fail, over, and over again. Maybe someday other people will catch on.

To console myself I went and nabbed the following abstract. These are the kinds of pictures that got me interested in photography in the first place. I noticed the potential here when we arrived. Actually, I try to watch for stuff like this everywhere. It is there, always, I just need to keep my eyes open.

After the cake many people went outside. Here I am more in element, and since I could direct a bit I got stuff that measures up to what I expect of myself. I even got an adult to play. I may post those later, I figured this time I'd ask for permission first, besides those are worth a post of their own.

Today I made a few dog pictures.


Josh Ploch said...

I don't think I signed a release for my door...

Ken said...

True, I don't have a release. :)

Thanks for having us up this weekend.