Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photos of the kids

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I find it tough to take pictures of my kids.  It is usually easier to make pictures of other people's children.  I am not sure exactly why, but I think its because even if they don't want to cooperate with you, you are still "new" enough to them that they will at least stay within camera reach.

In any event we are in a quest to get real pictures of our kids at the request of family members.  If I keep failing this hard I'm going to go hire someone.  That maybe pretty weak-sauce out of someone who pretends to be a photographer. But if I did that I'd have that team aim a camera at Carly and I too, because that is a pretty rare event.

First up.  This is the best I got the first time we tried to get this accomplished.  Okay, that isn't 100% true, but this is all they really wanted to do, act silly somewhere.  Preferably somewhere ugly, obvioulsy.

Another day, I was able to grab these two.  I don't find them bad, but its not the type of picture one hangs on a wall.  Maybe they could be stuck in a photo-book at some point.

Kathryn also helped me test out the Vagabond when it arrived.  That is a handy little thing.  If I recall correctly I have an umbrella on an alien bee 800.  However, she still wouldn't cooperate 100% even though I told her she could do almost anything she wanted.  She kept moving, so I ended up chopping off her foot, and putting that tree back there out of her head.  I had originally had her head tucked neatly in the green area to the right, and had both feet fully in the frame!  Oh well.

So, who else has trouble making pictures of their kids?  Those of you with infants, don't tell me how easy it is.  I know, but they can't move!


Solfrost said...

My cat is only rarely cooperative if it makes you feel any better. :)

Ken said...

Animals are in a class unto themselves when it comes to cooperation, or lack there of...