Thursday, March 11, 2010

Someday your prints will come

Pics hanging on my people wall at work, taken with cell phone

I never tire of that pun.  I probably use it about 10 times when I'm waiting on a print order to be delivered.  If anything, I'm a creature of habit.

There are probably people reading this that haven't had a print made in a long time.  I encourage you to change that.  You get a new perspective of a photograph when you can hold it, or place it in a book, or even hang it on a wall.

Recently I decided it would be a good idea to put some photos on my wall at work.  It is nice, I like having them there.

The prints were made at Mpix.  They do a good job.  The only parts I don't like about using them is shipping "feels" expensive compared to my actual order, and  waiting sucks.  But most of the local choices don't seem to do nearly as well.  I have tested a number of them.  For pictures taken with my SLRs I tend to have 6x9 prints made.  These keep the original aspect ratio, and are much easier to find places for than 8x12 prints.  I then mount them on foam board.  They are hung using 3M's picture hangers.

I also found a way to get an acceptable print out of my cell phone images.  I used a script that upscaled the resolution in small steps.  Obviously, this probably isn't appropriate for finely detailed images, but does well for the types of images I make with the phone.  I will soon have a an 8x10 of my shopping cart image hanging on my "thing" wall at work.

If you haven't made any prints in a while, go do so!

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