Saturday, February 6, 2010


The official tally I heard reported was twenty seven inches of snow.  For those that use the metric system it is probably best described as somewhere between "darn, thats a lot of snow" and "darn, thats a &$#%^&%$#! lot of snow".

I thought I was going to keep up.  I really did.  I was living out one of the seven plots, man vs nature, and  I was going to win. I had a good chunk of the driveway cleared at midnight last night.

However, nature was not impressed.

I woke this morning to discover that all my work had been erased.  To make matters worse, twice as much snow had fallen when I was sleeping than I had cleared off the night before.  Instead of simply allowing nature to kick my butt I opted to outsource the clearing.

Its the first time I've done that, and it makes me feel lazy.  But, this was the dense variety of snow, not the nice soft, light, powdery stuff that got dumped on us in December.

Our neighborhood contracts its own snow clearing I think.  I haven't heard too many government trucks come down the main roads since the sky opened up yesterday.  Its gonna be a while before they are able to get out this way I imagine.

In any event, all of this-- the snow, the fact I am not burnt out from shoveling --allowed me to get some shots.  One of these days, I may even learn how to make a landscape picture!

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