Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun little idea

I saw this post last week on Zack Arias' 365 project blog.  This made me want throw clothes and take pictures of them too.  Those of you out there disapprovingly nodding your head at me, I present the following quote in my defense "Good artists borrow, Great artists steal".  I don't claim to be a great artist.  I am not even convinced I did this very well, but here it is.

Clothes, a love story... of sorts.

I learned a few things doing this.  The first thing I learned is taking pictures of thrown clothes is pretty hard.  However, it is fun.  I learned my wife thinks throwing clothes and taking pictures of them is an idiotic pass-time.  I learned I need better software than ViewNX to make the white balance exactly the same across a number of files.  I learned that the combo of throwing clothes, flashes, and relying on F8ish to maintain focus at 105mm ain't happening.  You probably can't tell at internet sizes but nothing is perfectly sharp.  I relearned where my electronic focus release wandered off too.  I learned we don't have any flashy clothing.

I also was reminded that grabbing ahold of a silly project and just running with it a while can be a refreshing change of pace.  I think we all should take the time to be a little silly with our projects every now and again.

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