Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No magic smoke

I  assembled the new PC and didn't release any magic smoke.  I'm not exactly sure what the magic smoke does inside of electronics, but I do know if it escapes the device doesn't work anymore.

Things have changed quite a lot since I built my first PC (note of interest my first computer was a Commodore Amiga, the first PC I had was based on a Pentium 90).  Some interesting examples: My new computer has 1000 times the RAM my first PC had.  The new computer has 2000 times more disk space.  Heck, the new video card probably has more computational power than that first computer.  At the very least it has over 100 times more RAM.

This computer impresses me quite a bit.  I can feel a big difference in the time it takes me to work through photos on it.  Processes like Selective Gaussian Blur are orders of magnitude faster.

My only real disappointment is the video card wasn't packaged with a random eye-candy game.  Every other card I've bought was shipped with about 6 million gaming titles.  This one has none.  Ironically, I didn't install any of those I got in the past -- but  after using this machine --I'm really curious what a "modern" game will look like.

No picture of it this time, one picture of computer junk maybe one picture too many!  Instead, check out the moon and clouds doing their best impression of magic smoke.

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