Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Real (Estate) Goodness

dining room

I had a chance to make some more house pictures this weekend.  Its a fun thing to try.  I haven't done it very much.

florida room

You have seen this house before.  Its the one with the sweet door, and the interesting people in the back yard.

I'm certain I set a world record for slowness in making these.  I guess I can be cut some slack, though, its only the second time I've tried.

 music room

No matter how long it took me though, it needed to be done.  The normal hack-job photos posted had to be replaced. I don't understand.  Somehow its expected buyers will "overlook" the bad photos.  But, if every listing is created with that mentality, wouldn't posting decent pictures help a listing stand out? It will make the competition look worse, and maybe create some showings?  I think a little extra work/time/or money on photo presentation is worth the investment.

 kitchen (view large to search for the delicious cookies hiding in the back)

If I start doing more of this, though, I'm going to need some gear.  More light, and a big fat shoot through panel.  Something like that would simplify process so much.  And maybe a trained assistant or two would be useful. 

Maybe someone will post a link to the actual listing in the comments.  I'm too dumb to find it!


Josh said...

Dang. Way to use your platform to take shots :)

Someone could post the link to the listing, but that would highlight the struggles some are still going through to get the picture situation straight.

Great shots, you are the best, thanks as always

Ken said...

Heh, heh, Jon knows I'm kidding.

I think.

When the listing is straight feel free to put a link here. I don't think it will send much (any?) lookers your way, but you never know!