Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sandy and Tim -- Teaser

This weekend I shuffled around my backyard a bit and photographed Tim and Sandy. I spent my best trouble-finding years hanging out with Tim. In fact, if trouble involved firearms or fast cars we found it pretty easily. Now, we don't get to see them nearly as much as we should because we all have to eat and therefore have jobs.

Here are a couple of shots to introduce them, and one I chose out of today's frames.

They are expecting their first baby in a short while. Babies are exciting little critters. They are deceptively powerful. Its amazing how something so utterly helpless completely controls your life!

Over the next few months I hope to take "expecting" pictures of Sandy, if she lets me.

In order to show I know how to blindly follow trends (even when I don't like them!) I threw in a shot with the flares, and an image that is tilted for no good reason. Everyone should follow the crowd every now and then right? Its never the rest of the herd that is crazy right?

And this is the way I may choose to make that shot, if I wasn't so darn trendy.

Thanks guys, it was fun! I have many more, and the postwork done on these is quick-work, but wanted to get something out there today.


Solfrost said...

The tilted shot is so edgy! >_> But yeah the third one turned out great, even if there isn't any lens flare in it. :)

Ken said...

I think so too, despite, no flare or tilts!