Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dark Chest of Wonders

It might appear I have forgotten about my little song project idea. I haven't. The ideas I have for most songs just require me to get off my butt, buy props, and build rather small and simple, but time-consuming sets. There are also bigger ideas that will require me to find trucks, people willing to stand on trucks, play with fire, and other random logistically difficult tasks.

I decided to try and do a project picture while in a cast. I knew the picture wouldn't be as "perfected" as I would want due to my circumstances, but I felt I could always re-visit it. I probably will, just because there are so many cool ways to play with a trunk.

The song is "Dark Chest of Wonders" by Nightwish. The song seems to be about trying to regain the sense of awe we all (should) experience as children. This is a pretty important theme for the life of an artist.

The only thing a photographer can show the world is how he sees something. The only way this is interesting is if he can show things in a new way. One way to achieve this is to approach a subject like a child, free yourself from your past experience, and see it for what it really is right now. Then, you take that, and attempt to capture that essence in a frame. There is still a pretty big leap from seeing something, and being able to communicate what you see through a picture.

Its doubtful I will ever reach that with any level of consistency.

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