Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not really tough

The first thing that will pop into your mind if you see me is not "tough", or "macho". Because I'm about 6 feet and 1" inch tall, but weigh less than 150 pounds the first thing you may think is "stick". I can forgive you for that.

However, lately all those really stupid phrases meatheads believe dance through my brain. The most pertinent to my situation is "Pain is just weakness leaving the body." Usually, I feel that is just so much bullpuppy. Pain can be a warning. But right now the pain I have is the harbinger of my bone strengthening, as well as the rest of my foot and ankle. I'm grateful to have stupid battle-cries think of, cause walking hurts.

But, before trying this trick yourself, keep in mind that some of these sayings are famous last words.

"Death before dishonor" anyone?

I'm also happy for relatively effective over-the-counter NSAIDs.

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