Monday, October 5, 2009

Foot update

No photo this go around.

I got my cast off today. For those following along at home, you maybe thinking this is a week late. True it is, I had to have the first one removed early because it got way too tight on my foot for some reason. This added a week to my cast. X-rays show the foot is healing (not fully healed though, apparently it needs weight for that), and in good alignment, so its time to start putting some weight back on it.

I have an ankle boot with air liner. I haven't been able to do a full weight step yet without pain, but using some assistance from a crutch or two works pretty well. I "walked" around the bookstore for about 45 minutes, and around the house. I'm still slow, and I still find this frustrating, but it looks like we are approaching a happy ending.

I can stand normally again. This is important. It means I don't have to suffer the shame of sitting down to take a pee.

The pain isn't where I expect, its in my ankle, so hopefully in a day or two that will loosen up and get used to working again.

And the really nice part is, I can take this boot off when I don't need to scoot around.

I will post some pictures of something soon. Being injured depressed me, and that sucked away most of my creativity.

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