Saturday, September 12, 2009

Community Show

I figured out how to prepare my prints for the show. My wife was kind enough to enter them Thursday night, and she went to see them Friday. The rain kept me out. I didn't feel like slipping on a wet gym floor! My leg, not broken foot, is also still really sore.

I didn't win grand champion this year. I guess last year was just beginner's luck. :)

If you have read this for the last year or so I think you have seen all the pictures I entered except one. For those that missed them, I'll link to those posts that have the images, in case you are curious. This made first place in the B&W flower category. My boot received first in the color misc. category. Jenny and Annie got third in B&W people. D in the storm (last picture), my color flower (first picture), and bridge (second picture) received Honorable mentions.

I also entered a print of this rabbit, which managed a third place nod.

I'm disappointed I didn't get to go and see everyone else's prints. Maybe I can go tomorrow, but my leg needs to cooperate first.

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