Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Snapshots

I participated in the Worldwide Photowalk this weekend. I joined the group photographing downtown Frederick. I lived in Frederick for about 10 years and never once took a camera downtown. That is inexcusable! But I fixed that this weekend and I got some pictures of the "typical" stuff one might expect. I will post those later this week. I will not be posting the two that I am sending to the Worldwide Photowalk site, at least until I hear confirmation that those are not continuing to the national gallery.

For now I have a couple of Family Snapshots. One was taken this Saturday, and one back on July 3rd family gathering.

One my aunts and some of my cousins came in from out West this weekend. We saw them at a picnic hosted at another aunt/uncle's house. There is a sandbox there which my kids really liked. I grabbed a couple shots that I hope remind them of that fun time. I'm trying to fix my inability to make meaningful grabshots.

This picture was taken completely with ambient available light. I think it might be a stronger picture if her face was framed between to the backlights, but I think asking her to look at me was enough directing. The main light came from a nearby doorway. It was something I was watching all day. I'm pretty certain I could make a ton of ridiculously good pictures with that light.

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