Friday, May 8, 2009


One great source of images is magazines. I tend to buy a handful of magazines every month. I should probably subscribe to some. Maybe I will!

A very good one is Digital Photo Pro. I went to see if a new issue was out yesterday. It wasn't. Apparently, I missed it by a day. I'll see if I can find a copy tomorrow. (editor note: I wrote this a while before posting!) I did pick up copies of American Photo (Grab the Annie Leibovitz Special if you can find it), Photo Life, Nature Photographer, and Vogue. Vogue? Yes, Vogue, but don't worry I only want it for the pictures. Well, the perfume they sprayed all over this month's issue isn't too bad either.

What do the photo magazines have in common? In general they are very "gear light" in their coverage. They have reviews of gear, of course, but the magazines are focused more on images, photographers, and technique.

Other magazines I will go through sometimes: I will look at any of the massive bridal magazines. You know the types, the ones that are the size of the old-school Computer Shopper magazines (before the web "ruined" them). As long as they are ad heavy, they are great sources of pictures. I also like the images that will pop up in Vanity Fair, or GQ, Sports Illustrated, or perhaps F1 magazine. Like I have said before, I look for all types of pictures, in all types of places!

The image I chose to post is of my wife. Family is a much bigger inspiration than anything else! As a "studio portrait" this is not perfect enough... i.e. we have hair going everywhere, the lighting is a bit hot, I didn't "barbie doll" the skin texture, etc... but I kinda like this one a bunch anyway. This was a spur of the moment thought, taken after Tobias' "graduation" picture posted earlier!

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