Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brother's Family

Normally the chopped off chin would bug me, but I think it adds some tension here

I set out today with the goal to get a few pictures of my brother. I'm not sure why, afterall, it is Mother's day and that idea doesn't really fit the theme. But, oh well, my thinker is faulty I guess.

Ezra, chillin with his juice-box

It worked out that way, some, I focused (photography pun not intended) on him and a few grab-shots of his family. I nabbed a couple of my family too. But, the shot of my wife is unpostable-- its not that it is a bad picture, she just feels it be better kept secret. I have a picture of my son from today that is good. My daughter went curiously MIA when the camera was out so I don't have one of her. Since 1 out 4 isn't a good ratio of my family-- I will just post up pictures of brother's family!

These are fun shots, maybe one day soon I'll attempt to do something serious. But, I'm not much in a serious mood for personal work right now.

Jenny's eyes

I added a poll, it be fun to see what those of you out there choose. I'll do a small writeup on my personal answer to the poll when it ends.

Paparazzi style shot of Annie

I just noticed this after I uploaded these, but they are ALL horizontal. That is odd for me!

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