Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ever had one of those weeks where you can't quite point your finger at anything wrong, but you can't maintain a focus anyway? I'm in the middle of one of those. Sure, I can find a few things that are going on that could turn into big trouble, but I find it amusing in a Little Miss Sunshine kind of way.

I also have a couple cool things going on. I am finishing some photos from this weekend. They worked out really well. I am putting an out-take from it with this post. I know half of you are out there yelling at me. Yes, I know its out of focus. Thats the point. I can't maintain focus, get it? I'm clever like that. I'll post the real shots later, I haven't shown them to the recipients yet.

Also, I have a new book! Joe McNally's Hotshoe Diaries hit the shelves today. I think I picked up the first copy sold in town. The kind staff at Barnes and Noble's pulled it from the back room for me. I have spent about 30 minutes with it and I am already happy. So far I've seen Princess Bride, Holy Grail, and Spinal Tap references. I know the author is talking in language I understand. I love the images. I also like the behind the scenes look.

I'll spend the rest of the evening listening to Irish folk songs and working on my pictures, reading through HSD, or whatever other task presents itself.

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