Monday, February 16, 2009

Spray and pray?

Frames per second? For me, as far as camera specs are concerned, I rank its importance alongside the color of the camera strap. Most of the time, it simply doesn't matter.

Today, I think I could have used a bit more than the 3 frames per second my camera will muster. My goal was to capture what it feels like to be in a swing. I decided to try that by zooming my lens back and forth to maintain the subjects size in the frame. This also produces the nice hyperspace lines out of the background.

My technique was rather brute-force. I started following the subject with the zoom ring, then held the trigger down for a few seconds while maintaining the zooming. Then I'd re-frame and try again. Out of about 80 frames I nabbed a fewI liked. My film camera will rip 5 fps, but this is the kind of picture I don't think is appropriate to attempt with film!

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