Monday, July 6, 2015

Senior Pictures: Faith

B & W Portait

Senior pictures are my favorite portraits to make.  Why?  I know I have written about it before.  My reasons are pretty much the same, but maybe a little bit more refined.  I like them because they allow a good look at who someone is right now. But they also can give small glimpses at the child they used to be not too long ago and as the adult they will be not too far from now.

Morning Coffee

I also tend to get pictures I really like.  Exhibit A is the black and white picture at the top of this post.  I think its good, I like it. I'd like it even if I didn't make it.  Heck, I might like it more if I didn't make it, I'm a bit self-critical when it comes to these things.

Color Portrait  

I haven't done that many senior portraits recently.  In fact, the closest I got recently was with my nephew.  I mean, it almost counts, but its not the same thing.  For one, it isn't the same amount of photographing.  And, for another, it is still a little too far away from adult-hood to get that sneak peek!

This year decided to specifically seek out a few people.


I was happy that Faith and her family gave me the chance work with her.  She was great in front of the camera, is fun to be around, didn't give me trouble for attempting bad puns, and brought some of her own ideas into the session.  In other words, she was simply a delight to work with!


I want the opportunity to make more this year.  If you are are a senior, or parent of a senior, and are interested send me an email ( and I will provide you information.  Sooner is better than later, I will limit this to a handful of sessions.

Sneak and Pointe

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