Sunday, June 7, 2015

The character that should not be


This is kind of a combination of two "ongoing" projects. One is just getting Tobias in front of the camera as various characters. The second is to use songs that mention "light" as picture inspirations. 

Tobias received this stuffed octopus from a class trip his sister went on to the National Aquarium in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  It was the second attempt at that trip this year, the first was cancelled because of the civil unrest.

Of course, the first thing I saw him do with it was stick it on his head and run around the screaming about how it was sucking out his brain .... so, this basically is his entire idea.

I don't usually say much about how I make these, I don't think ya'll care.  But, I thought a few notes would be interesting this time around.  The main light is on the floor, which is the whole key to the mood.  The dirtied up colors are from local brushes in Lightroom, as well as a full image overlay in Photoshop.  The watery effect is an image I took of my windshield in a car wash screened over the front.

Maybe it wasn't all that interesting.

But, I'm not deleting the text.

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