Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Beach Trip as Told through Interpretive Dance

As like previous summers we went to O.C. Maryland for a few days.  We weren't going to go this year, but Tobias really wanted to.  I should probably get this out of the way early. The title is a lie, there is no interpretive dance going on in this post.  I can't dance. Sorry to disappoint.

This was the first picture I took on the trip.  It still caught my attention going through the photos I took, so I thought I'd subject you to it also.

These next two are essentially record pictures of the Jesus sand sculptures that always are there.  One of my favorite things about them, aside from the religious and artistic aspects, is they are right across the boardwalk from some bars.  That makes me smile.

This is part of the decorations fora  "touristy" restaurant/bar called "Fish Tales".  Its an interesting place.  It seems setup for parents and kids.  The food is okay, but it is just noisy enough to be an enjoyable place to hang out.

Another restaurant decoration.  We didn't eat here.

This is part of the landscaping and design of a miniature golf course we played.  Tobias got three holes in one.  The first one was complete dumb luck.  He hit the ball way too hard, and it bounced off a wall, through a garden hazard, off a few rocks and tree in it, onto the retaining wall, onto the green, a few rolls and bounces and it stuck in the cup.  The other two were legit. 

It was his first time playing.

No wonder he wants to go the beach.

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