Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jake Lewis, Singer. Songwriter.

Jake Lewis

I thought a while about how to title this.  You can tell right?  No?  Well, I did. I thought through all kinds of clever ways to use the titles of his albums: Location, Location and We Can Get Out of Here.  Nothing really worked for me.  Then I walked through song titles-- still, no dice.  In the end I opted for something simple, something informative.

Jake Lewis

For those who don't know of Jake he is a "local" musician, singer, and song writer.  I had to use quotes on local because he's been all over the place lately.  I will leave the review of his music to those who write about that better than I do.  Like most reviews I've read on any subject, I disagree with part of this one... Waves is among my favorite songs on the album.  [ For anyone who HAS to know what my favorite is ... Clara ].  The local paper also added some writeup about Jake in their Year End Review last year.  This also the age of the internets.  To find out more take a look at his website, or look him up on Facebook.

I was excited to have a chance to make these pictures.  It was fun.  I got to learn a lot and ask a lot of questions.  I also got to see a pretty sweet guitar with a family history.  I am really happy with the black and white one I posted here.

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