Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Catoctin Zoo Visit

We visited the local zoo today.  We go every now and again.  This is the type of thing I usually bring a small camera too unless I have a  specific purpose to bring a big camera.  This time I brought my new camera because I hadn't had much of a chance to use it, its finally insured so I feel comfortable bringing it out of the house, and I can't trust it to do "real" projects until I've vetted it a bit.

For the most part I made happy snaps made in crappy midday sun.  But, I tried my best to to make that most of that.  Plus, I did have some friendly clouds come my way occasionally.  I also felt a little bit like "that guy" dragging buckets of expensive gear around when a P&S may just have easily fit the bill.  Granted, I did only have one lens.  But is a big one.

I'm pretty impressed with the files.  I've never been one to make cropping a key part of my technique, but I probably could now if I wanted to [ I don't want to... but I could ].  A few of the ones here are cropped hard.  It is kind of ridiculous.

I will say that looking at these on the camera's LCD zoomed in is a bit disappointing.  I don't know why.  But, getting them in the computer looking at them full size there as well as outputting them to presentation sizes shows me these are pretty good files.  I haven't tried anything crazy in post yet, so I'll see how they hold up to that later.

I gotta play with the camera and lights soon.  I will probably use it for my next "real" set pictures.  It appears to work pretty well. 

Anyway, check out the snapshots, and maybe go visit the Zoo before school starts!

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