Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Doggy Picture

This is actually the first file out of the new camera (see last post). 

This is the first one I have presented that is finished in Lightroom 4.  I probably wouldn't have upgraded Lightroom for a while, except the the D800 raw files are not supported in version 3.  However, I was surprised to find version 4 is actually a pretty useful upgrade.  Most of the controls that work globally on an image can now work with most of the local adjustments too.  Adobe has given us access to the individual channels in the tone curve tool, and added a few new modules ( book maybe the most useful?).  It is worth the upgrade cost.  Heck, it is worth the $150 for the full version too (version 3 cost $300!!!).  I'm still debating on the Photoshop upgrade.  I think CS5 can read the D800 files, and even if it can't Lightroom render them prior to passing it off to Photoshop.  I rarely dump anything into Photoshop, so I may just leave it alone for now.  Anyone who uses CS6 care to comment?

Anyway, enjoy the doggy photo.  I promise this will be the last post for a while that deals with tools.

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