Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Singer

This is a proof of concept.  I wanted to see if I could flag off bits of light to create bits of dark where I wanted them on a reflective surface.  I could it seems.  However, I still had to burn in the dark places a little bit to finish up the effect I was going for.  I also missed my nose placement a little bit, but these were the eyes I liked best, and eyes are the key to any face.

I like the idea, I will need to pursue it again sometime.  I will try and find an instrument without a pick guard, and perhaps it would look better without a cut-away.  The pick guard gives the face an impression of  burn scar.  I'd also like to try with the light at the top instead of the side.  Moving the light would force me to shoot the instrument "square", to keep the full reflection.  I think it would lend an imposing feel to the picture.  This one is more dynamic, but it feels too "light" to me.

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