Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Christmas Tree (even though I don't like 'em)

I don't really like Christmas trees.  I just don't, can't help it.  I wrote a little bit why last year.

However I still make a couple pictures of the ones I find, and sometimes post it. Last year's post about Christmas Trees helped me discover a little bit about the hated Christmas Tree story I was forced to read in first grade.  That story was more than likely based on a tale by Hans Christian Andersen.  Andersen's story also ended badly for the tree, but you don't really feel sorry it.

Like most years I wanted to make an HDR picture of our tree.  I tried to place my camera where I haven't tried previously, above the tree.  I also used Photoshop CS5's merge to HDR pro feature instead of pushing the pixels around with open source software.  I also tried a picture using a flash.  Both make reasonable record shots of this year's tree.  Maybe if I think about it a bit more, I can make an interesting picture.

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