Friday, September 16, 2011



It has been a little while since I put something up here. I decided to stick with the same theme I followed with the last post.

This picture came about a little differently though. This corn was trying to go bad, so I needed to do something useful with it. So, I opted to make some pictures. I had a number of things influencing the pictures. It reminded me of pictures I have seen from successful duck hunts. It reminded me of creepy songs and scarecrows. It made me think of Ed Weston making pictures of his peppers.

I was also not feeling the greatest, so I was pushing my way through a pretty horrific headache. I don't know if that influenced anything or not.

And I will end with another picture from the setup. This one feels like the "duck bundle" I was thinking about.


I processed these with some high pass filtering methods. I wanted to push the contrast beyond reason. I pushed until the "halos" showed up, and backed it up very slightly, the halos are still around. It seemed to fit my inspirations.

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