Monday, June 13, 2011

Engaged: Ben and Klare


Ben and Klare gave me the chance to do an engagement session for them.  I'm happy they did. Since the moment we agreed to this I had a picture in mind I wanted to make, however the weather simply didn't allow for it this go around!  We found the one above though, which quite frankly, is better than what I wanted to do anyway.

We made some stylized portraits.


We made a perfume/cologne ad. Okay, its not really an ad and that wasn't quite the original intention, but that is what it reminded me of when I finished it.  So, for now, I'm going to pretend it was completely on purpose.


We also managed to capture a little bit of the sweetness they have for each other.


We talked a bridge into lighting up for us, in the rain. I forgot to mention they are both smart-cookies, which is why they were under the bridge and I was standing in the rain...


Most importantly we caught a little bit of the fun they brought with them!


The first "photo shoot" I ever did was around 10-11 years ago.  It was an engagement session for a couple of close friends. Before this weekend I have done a grand total of zero more. So, to say I don't do this much is an understatement. However, I should probably change that, it is fun, even if the weather doesn't do what I want-- and then taunts me with perfectness the following Monday.


dan said...

Oh man, you nailed it. That top picture is amazing! Love the one on the bridge too.

Tracy said...

The shot of them under the umbrella is stunning! It's like a piece of art to be honest. As a mom, these photos are precious to me & totally capture their love for each other. Ken, you are truly an artist and God blessed you with such an eye for His beauty as well as the skills to capture it for us mere mortals to gaze upon. Bravo to you Sir! Thanks a million times over :-)

Ken said...

Thanks Dan! I appreciate the comment.

Tracy you are very welcome! I really appreciate your comments, and I'm glad you like them, I think it is important that Ben, Klare AND family like these-- so I'm extremely happy to see your thoughts!