Saturday, June 25, 2011

Emmitsburg Fireworks


The metropolis of Emmitsburg, population 2400.

That small number doesn't prevent us from having the best firehouse in the county. It also doesn't prevent us from putting on a pretty good fireworks display. The two maybe related, or not.


These top two pictures are linked to flickr, I suggest clicking through to see them on black.  They look so much better that way.  Especially the second one.

We watched from the top of an old, abandoned for now, housing construction dirt mound. It gives a great vantage point into the town.

I haven't made pictures of fireworks since the days of film.  Its not too much different on digital.  The nice thing is you can push and pull detail around from the lights and darks easier.  It looks a lot nicer, and makes it easier to share a sense of place.  I did hit the limits of a two of the files and managed to reveal that my camera when used (abused?) incorrectly can produce hideous banding.  No, I'm not sharing those files.

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