Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It is notoriously difficult to get Kathryn to cooperate for a picture.  She let me make two frames.  They were separated by about 10 minutes of time, so for all practical purposes I got one frame.
I thought if I could find a place where I didn't have to futz around with anything, no lights, no reflector, nothing but what was already there I'd get a better chance.  I'm pretty fast with that stuff, but Kathryn has about zero patience for these things.

So, I found a spot that would work, and managed to get a reasonable expression.

I put her here to take advantage of the approximation of Rembrandt lighting provided by the big open barn door to the left of the frame, the big barn door somewhere over to camera right acting as fill, and the built in background light provided by a window or two in that doorway.

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