Sunday, April 10, 2011

Charlie's Teachers : FCS Banquet 2011

Banquet time.  Here is a fun one that a couple of the teachers graciously allowed me to talk them into.

This year I brought some seamless with me. I also decided to light to make real, noticeable shadows -- this makes the picture seem a little more three-dimensional.  Most years I placed lights on both sides creating an even, flat, safe, boring light.  Despite that one short-coming the setup meant I couldn't possibly screw up, at least not lighting-wise.  With less than a minute to say "hi", get people in place, and make a few frames ... limiting the ways I can screw up is pretty important.

This year I was confident I could run a more interesting setup, still keep it ridiculously fast, and not screw up.  So I did.

It still isn't the same as spending quite a bit of time with a single person.  But, this is still fun, even more so now that I am not slinging boring light about.

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