Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Under Construction For a Year

This post has been under construction for one year.  Okay that is not completely true, I have been gathering the images for it for a year on my cell phone, but because I never brought a USB 3 cable home I never pulled the images off.

After getting the updated phone I repeated a picture I liked out of my previous blackberry.  [Editor's Note:  Who takes pictures of lamps anyway?]

Of course I used it to find new pictures too.  One thing I noticed when going through the images tonight is a lot of them come from restaurants.  I must be easily distracted while waiting for food, or a table, or people to show up.

I also used it document the every day events.  This particular stapler went missing from my office until I caught on.

Perhaps this wasn't worth a whole year's wait, but it was fun to go through for me.

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