Friday, February 11, 2011

Little influences

My kids are the largest creative spark makers in my life lately.  Above is Kathryn at her Christmas production dance.  She was pretty excited.  Enthusiasm is inspiring. Tobias and sat around and drew pictures a couple of weekends ago.  His use of language is also quite interesting at the moment, and sometimes the funny things he says are even intentional.

Around the web I have largely been looking at blogs and sites that seem to have a strong photography component, but are not about photography.  The first is the Sartorialist.  It is created to share pictures of interesting looking people or outfits.  The photographer, well, he describes his motivations very well in the "Bio" section of the blog.  The other blog, Kendi Everyday is generally about the everyday style and clothes worn by the "protagonist", and blog author, Kendi. 

Clothes and style aren't really my interest, which judging by my outfits, is probably the understatement of the year.  However, there is something very interesting in those two blogs.  Sometime in the future I'd like to blend those two ideas and follow the everyday style someone I know.  It shouldn't be hard to find someone with a greater sense of style than me. 

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