Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playing in the snow


Tonight looks like it will be the first, and hopefully last, real snowfall of the year. The puppy goes absolutely crazy in the snow and I thought it would be fun to try take a few pictures of her. Tobias held the flash, and this was the only one I got that met the idea I had in my head. Fortunately, it was a pretty good shot.  Tobias aimed pretty well.

We were out less than 5 minutes.

My camera got soaked. The flash was in a ziploc so it is still dry. The camera mounted trigger I shielded as much as I could, it didn't get too wet. However, that is the piece I am the most concerned about. I don't think it is designed for abuse.

I may try to make some more pictures tonight when I consider shoveling some of this off the drive.  However, I'm bringing my point and shoot, which is built to take out in any weather. 

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